Olympus E-M5 maximum burst depth with smaller jpegs?

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Very interesting

noirdesir wrote:

Very simple, to do low-light short time-lapse movies. You might ask why I wouldn't use a 24 fps movie mode instead of a 9 fps time-lapse movie approach. Two reasons: (1) interference with 25 Hz light source (at 5 to 10 fps there is no interference probably also because the fps do vary all so slightly with burst shooting) and (2) noticeably better SNR, almost all sensors have a better SNR in still mode compared to movie mode, be it just because of more quit ADCs or because of things like line-skipping on top of being able to use a slightly longer shutter speed than used in a 24 fps movie mode.

Ahhh, now it makes sense. I thought you might be stacking with macro shots, but a burst didn't make sense. Thanks for that, I was really curious. The NEX I get a burst at 10 fps with a burst of only around 15 shots. Depends a bit on the card, but those are at 24 meg files in RAW. Not sure what it does in jpeg and the smaller image sizes. I should find out I guess. The Panasonic G2 I had was a little too slow in that area.

Anyway, thanks for that, interesting what some people get up to. Amazing and darn clever use.

All the best.


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