Not sure if I did the right thing... from Canon 5D3 to D700?

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Re: Not sure if I did the right thing... from Canon 5D3 to D700?

Rumi Siddiqui wrote:

I've been debating for the past several months between the 5D3 and D800, and then between the D800/D600, but I don't know what came over me, last night. I was on eBay, and I saw a mint condition D700 that was purchased in early 2012 with warranty remaining, and I nabbed it for $1600, which included the grip and two batteries. I had plenty of funds leftover, and went ahead purchased the 70-200 VRII. aI think I'm going to grab an SB-910 today too. I just got to thinking, I don't feel like dealing with the headache of a questionable D800 which costs $3000, which will force me to change my technique, and I wasn't too fond of the D600 ergonomics and button placement. I know the D700 is old tech, but the consistency of beautiful pics produced by this machine is amazing. I just like the way the images look, and my Mac Pro will slice through 12mp like i better. I figured this time around, I'd opt for better glass, and maybe hold out for a true D700 successor in the mean time. I can't wait for it to arrive. This will be my first Nikon. What do you guys think? I'm second guessing myself a bit, and I've never actually used a D700. I think I'm looking more forward to the 70-200mm VR II.

I have my "old" D700 hooked up with my 24-70 and my D4 paired to the 70-200 VR2.

Each one either has a SB700/SB900 attached.

It's an amazing camera,and 12mp is a great sweet spot for managing PP'ing for wedding photogs.

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