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Re: DX is for whoever needs it...

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bobn2 wrote:

marketing term. The top professionals will generally have bicycles built to order to their precise specification. And there would be no point someone else buying one of those, because their requirements would be different. Of course, you can see that the use of the word 'professional' is just a marketing come-on to attract pretentious amateurs, because the most numerous professional cyclists are those involved in pizza delivery, yet no bicycle manufacturer markets a 'pizza' bike.

Except maybe for units built NASA, the army, or some obscure government organization, there are no cameras made to order, so if the one that suits me happens to be called "Pro" by the manufacturer, so be it.

The question is, does the one that suits you happen to be called (it isn't actually - it has some associations with professionals in the manufacturers marketing material, which you choose to interpret as it being called 'pro') or does it suit you because it is called pro (see the previous rider).

I wonder what flavours they would offer for a "pizza" camera.

Any one that said 'cheese'.

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