E-PL5, first real-life shot and some info

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Re: E-PL5, first real-life shot and some info

Just oush the round button to the left and you get there too (the grid for AF). It works like that way on mine.

I went into the city to try the CA-F with TR setting. I set it on 8 FPS which is a bit too much. But, if you do that, almost always you get several shots well in focus. Sometimes 9 out of 10.

I did a lot of indoor compairsons with the Gh2. When it is completel ydark outside and I have lights on in the house, shutterspeed and ISO are identical. During the day, with light filtering through the winds the two expose differently and the end is that GH2 has a shutterspeed at 1600 ISO that iequal to the ISO 6400 on the EPL5...GH2 is severly underexposed under hese circumastances. When i bump ev by a factor, they look very close to onanother...So: can't say how it all pans out.

Although I find that grip rather ugly, I need it. A wriststrap helps too though, you can let the cam dangle at your wrist. No problem at all.

With the 45 1.8 lens it is very nice cam for shooting people. The 20 mm panny focusses easily fast enough for city shooting etc.

No doubt I will keep it!

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