D5200 - another Jurassic Park dino from Nikon

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Re: Nothing to do with marketing

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That's what new D7000 will be for. It's called marketing, it's awful, but today it's everywhere and you'll have to live with it. They won't predate their own top consumer DSLR.

Adding a half decent penta mirror VF does not obsolete the D7000. The D5200 has a worst in class viewfinder which is frankly abysmal for the joke £700+ asking price.

As for eye sensor. I have some experience with Sony A100, and it has the sensor. I'd take Nikon D40 without a sensor instead of that Sony any day.

Irrelevant, it's not about the model but what the eye sensor does

Nikon contiinue to put pixels over substance. Still the ONLY DSLR maker who does not support wireless flash/HSS or have a DOF preview button. They're stuck in a time warp with their cut down 35mm bodies. They also have the least compatibility of any maker with lenses ala no in body AF motor.

then don't buy one, and your life will be happier without constantly moaning about a camera you have no intention of buying, think of it like a crap TV show.....instead of watching it a writing a letter of complaint about it being so bad......just change the channel

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Yes I don't get that.  If I see a product that doesn't meet my requirements, I don't buy it.

If i buy something and find that it doesn't meet my needs, I return it.

Would you buy a a hammer and complain that it's not a good screwdriver?  Manufacturers make the products that their marketing research tells them people will purchase.  If you feel that a product should have different features, send your feedback to the manufacturer.  Whining and moaning on a forum does nothing constructive.

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