Not sure if I did the right thing... from Canon 5D3 to D700?

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Re: Not sure if I did the right thing... from Canon 5D3 to D700?

´╗┐Just a ´╗┐brief update on my transition to Nikon. No regrets in terms of coming from Canon, but I am having some issues. The images from the 70-200mm 2.8 VRII have not been as sharp as I had hoped on my D700. I went to my local camera shop to try the 85mm 1.4G, and I think I will be returning the 70-200. Now, I shot some test photos with this lens mouted on my camera, and I also took test shots of this lens from the D800 in the store. I'm still learning my way around the Nikon system, but the images showing on the D800 were noticeably sharper from 1.4 to 2.8, and it seemed to be metering better. At this point Im thinking, I need to calibrate the D700 for the specific lens. Granted, I dont recall all the settings on the D800, and whether or not the matched up. I did however, keep similar apertures and shutter speed, and ISO. I'll know more, when I get home and load these images on the Mac for a true comparison. I always shoot RAW.

Additonally, the strangest thing happened. When I first did a hands on with the D800, several months back, I was not that impressed, when comparing to my 5D Mark III at the time. But today, I was impressed. I guess now that I have more knowledge of the Nikon system, it was easier to figure out what I was doing and make the best of it.  I didn't notice any green tint on the LCD and the autofocus with the 85mm 1.4G seemed to be fine on the left and right. Then again, I didnt do any scientific testing. It also seemed to be pretty snappy, not laggy at all from what I was expecting.

I hate to say this, but now I'm considering the D800. To be honest, I felt more comfortable with the D800. I found it a little easier to use if that makes any sense.

I'm going to contue to put the D700 through it's paces, and calibrate my lenses. We know more after I look and compare my images from both cameras on the big screen.

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