James Bond: Skyfall

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dmanthree wrote:

MrSkelter wrote:

WalterSrChat wrote:

MrSkelter wrote:

This book was shot entirely on 1Ds Mk. III's.


All the Skyfall posters and media material you're seeing were shot the same way.

Greg Williams, the photographer, isn't sponsored by Canon. He shoots it because he likes it.

So there was more than enough dynamic range in the 1Ds Mark III for the poster and book photographs!

I'm not sure I understand your point.

Sarcasm. The poster was having a little fun with all the Canon bashers who are whining about the so-called weak dynamic range of Canons when compared to other brands.

The 1Ds Mark III was until very recently Canon's flagship and remains the highest resolution body Canon have made. How does taking commercial photographs with an $8,000 camera fit into:

Amazing what a real photographer can do with any camera.

He wasn't using an Powershot.

Again, some light and well-placed sarcasm.

Walter Sr

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I am out to take the perfect picture, if it exits!

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Thanks for the clarification.

I know that for many people it's hard to convey sarcasm without exclamation points.

It's incredibly tiresome that some people are so brand focused they can't even ignore a post like this as a chance to display their insecurity. Canon cameras don't have class-leading dynamic range. Who cares. It will improve and it's good enough for many things as it is.

Of course, to use the controlled situation and lighting of a movie set as an example of versatility is inane. It's the most controlled photographic reportage environment possible.

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