How easy is to to take a person out of a photo

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Re: OK, I suck at this,

tomkatzid wrote:

I really had no idea how to follow the directions. I need a one on one class I guess. So I had to revert to my old way. And its not good.


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You've done well Katz !

Once you have you subjects on a layer and over-top of a BG layer, you can now set a mask on the subject layer and use a low opacity black brush to fine tune the selection. i.e. the previous white BG in her hair, the darker fringes on her dress. Because you are using the brush at a very low opacity, you can remove it completely or just enough to give a veil effect and allow the new BG to show through. Once done, be sure to save this one to an alpha channel to allow you to make independent changes to either the subjects or the BG at any time.

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