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Re: New build config. questions

Jeff Kott wrote:

I'm putting together a new computer for photo editing and using two Samsung 840 250 GB SSD's (non Pro version) and a Western Digital SATA 6.0 Gb/s 3 TB drive. I was planning to have one of the 840's as a C Drive which I would just use for the OS (Windows 7) and applications, the other 840 as a drive just for the photo files I'm processing and the Western Digital 3TB Drive for storage/archive ( I also back up to 2 external hard drives, one kept on site and the other off site).

My questions are:

1. which drive should I use for my Photoshop scratch disk and how large should I make the scratch disk.

2. What are the advantages/disadvantages of setting up the two Samsung 840 SSD's in a Raid 0 configuration.

Thanks in advance for you advice!

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Jeff Kott

I have found this site really helpful. He has done extensive tests between ssd/hds with adobe lightroom.

His conlcusions:

"So, having established that the use of an SSD offers only marginal improvements to Library preview rendering and photo load times in Develop module where can we realistically see an SSD helping a Lightroom user? Well, Lightroom isn’t just about rendering Library previews or loading photos into the the Develop module editing window. At Lightroom’s heart is a SQLite database, and the very fast access times associated with SSDs means that reading metadata from the catalog, searching the catalog, etc will be noticeably faster than on a conventional disk drive. Likewise, Library module thumbnail and preview scrolling (sometimes referred to as louping) will be noticeably faster and smoother. Other areas where the the use of an SSD will help include application launch times and computer boot time. Overall, installing Lightroom (includes catalog, previews and Camera Raw cache) on an SSD will result in the application feeling more responsive than is the case with a conventional disk drive. However, as the various tests have demonstrated, SSDs are not the magic bullet that some would have you believe. "

I have the same experience.

Scratch disk in photoshop is not used unless you run out of RAM. See this . There is no SSD that will be faster that RAM (of similar age).

Current computers should be able to take at least 32GB of RAM and even though I don't know the kind of work that you will be doing I doubt that you will need more than that.

So if you have 2gb of ram then raid0 of ssds might improve things with large files but you would be better off selling that second ssd to maximize the ram in that case.

If you decide to raid 0 them make sure that trim function will be supported or else soon you will see a degradation of the performance.

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