6TB Hard Drives might be the new normal for the D800

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Re: LuxLuthor, ZFS

ZFS is really not 'there' yet for most people.  Needs some tweaking.  If it fails, it fails hard and you STILL need a backup.

Remember, RAID isn't a backup per se - it's a high availability / high speed system.  If your are compulsive you still need a separate backup AND and off site backup.  And you need to be compulsive.

My current system is a RAID 0 (Mirror drive - fast and some redundancy) on my Mac Pro for a active stuff (2 TB), a Synology 8 TB RAID 5 NAS for long term storage (and iTunes / media server) with several 1 and 2 TB drives for offsite storage.

My non photographic important data is on several encrypted disk images on Drop Box.

Belts, suspenders, Velco and tape....  The big problem that I see with RAID systems (and backups in general) is that people don't test them.  More than one company has found itself in deep stuff when the backup didn't back up.  Even with expensive 'Enterprise' level boxes it happens.

For most people, unless you're really interested in dealing with the tech (in which case, go for it),  ZFS and indeed RAID is a bit overkill.  There are numerous nearly automatic backup softwares for PC / Macs that do a good job and are brainlessly simple.

Good backup = brainless backup.

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