Aperture just deleted 233 GB of my photo files!!! Worst Apple product ever!

Started Nov 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Aperture just deleted 233 GB of my photo files!!! Worst Apple product ever!

andrzej bialuski wrote:

Sorry for the rant, but I have to release some steam here.

Long time user of LR, I decided to switch to Aperture to be able to process the OM-D raw files.

Since day one I could never get accustomed with its workflow and especially the import prcedure.

In LR everything was an easy flow, which I miss in Aperture. One example is that I could move around files and folders in LR and they would indeed be also relocated in ther original location. I was in full control.

Now comes the big one:

I am missing some vey important folders from my external photo harddrive. I decided to check system trash (MAC) and disccovered 233GB of files sitting in an APERTURE folder containing all files which are gone from my external HD .

The strange thing is that the size of all files on the external HD is still the same as it was yesterday, but it should be missing 233GB. Perhaps it will shrink by the missing 233GB once I decide to empty trash.

Fortunately I use Time Machine, so restoring the missing files should be no problem (never done it before), or I could just drag the files sitting in Trash back into their proper place.

The main question is: HOW ON EARTH DID THIS HAPPEN???

The files have not been transferred to Aperture Library; I did check. I am so disappointed with this piece of C--- and ready to go back to LR, which never gave me headaches of this dimention.

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I have an idea what might have happened:

As I was getting used to using Aperture Import feature, I have performed several imports only to discover that I do not understand the Project structure shown to me in Library Tab.

I have also deleted several of these Imports/Projects and reimported the folders.  I may have done this several times Import than Delete and Import again.  I need to say that never did I asked Aperture to move the files from its original location.

Now it seems that deleting a Project might have caused to delete all original files too.

Is this normal behavior?  Deleting a project moves all original files to Trash, even if they are not located in the Aperture Library?

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