$710 for 17mm f/1.8? Crazy overpriced

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Re: MF clutch mechanism...

sigala1 wrote:

And how much does printing some numbers on the lens barrel add to the manufacturing cost? Fifty cents? Five cents?

The actual printing costs little, but making it possible to print realistic numbers on the barrel is not trivial. For instance, you cannot print on most of the M4/3 focus by wire zooms because the focus ring runs continuously. You need to change the MF interface to a different design. There may be significant overheads for that.

Metal/plastic and pricing decisions are mainly market driven and not really to do with engineering. There is no absolute engineering need to make the 12 and 75 metal, as there is no absolute engineering need to make the 45 and 60 plastic. In fact it's surprising that they decided to make the macro plastic and relatively affordable, whilst a popular moderate wide is now in the expensive group. This perhaps has to do with the existence of a cheap(er) lens in that range already and they wanted some differentiation.

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