RX100 or my trusty Canon S95

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Re: RX100 or my trusty Canon S95

Joelartino wrote:

I could use some assistance as to whether I should purchase a RX100 to replace my Canon S95 as my carry around camera. I shoot mostly landscapes and street scenes in my frequent travels, so the focal range of either is fine. My main question is whether I will see a significant improvement in IQ and DR on my images when viewed on my 27" iMac or friends' computers when I share my travel photos with them.

Comments would be greatly appreciated. I know I don't want a DSLR (too big) and the new Sony RX100 seems like an excellent small camera, but will it actually produce noticeably better images in my usage? And I am not interested in shooting raw.



That depends.

What is it that you find your trusty S95 no longer works for you?

The RX100, IMHO,  won't make much improvement if you just view or share your post with friends on the computer.

It will make a difference if you make prints larger than 13"x19".

So, is it really about your wants vs. needs?:-D

Is it worth it to you laying out $650+ for a RX100 if you are perfectly satisfied with your trusty S95?

Judging from your DPR gallery pictures, do your typical landscapes or street photography have any IQ shortcomings for you?

Good luck with your decision.

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