$710 for 17mm f/1.8? Crazy overpriced

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Ray Sachs wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

The rumormonger guy estimates that the 17mm f/1.8 will cost $710 US dollars.

The marketing people at Olympus must be smoking something. Panasonic has a 20mm with a faster aperture for only less than half the price.

First, we don't know what the real price will be - various rumors set it anywhere from $500 to about $800. Second, it's going to be built like the 12mm with the manual focus "snap ring" which makes the manual focus behave like a real mechanical lens - it's still focus by wire but it doesn't feel like it. and it will have a distance scale on the barrell, which means you can set it for zone focus or hyperfocal shooting before you raise the camera to your eye. Some people might not care about this - it's a nearly make or break feature for others. If this doesn't matter to you, the lens MAY seem overpriced to you - if it does matter, it may seem like a bargain.


I was under the impression that the 17mm doesn't have the snap focus ring, but otherwise shares the 12mm's high-end construction (like the 70mm).

This doesn't look very promising: http://www.m43.eu/zdjecia/olympus-17-mm-f18-pierwsze-zdjecia-obiektywem/2/

Seems to have a whole lot of barrel distortion that leads to soft edges when corrected.

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