Fuji X-10 Canada repair!!

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Re: Fuji X-10 Canada repair!!

zcus wrote:

I tried everything/setting I can think of: Reset camera, change battery/ change mem card/ turn on/off camera multiple times/ update firmware/ fallback to firmware 1.03/ try all modes/ reset all settings to normal/ shoot in auto... all produce the same results. Will calll Fuji Canada on Monday and ask for a NEW camera.

While I don't have the same problems that you have with my repaired X10, I'm also left with a camera that is now in worse shape than when I had sent it in.  True, I don't have the orb phenomena happening any more, but with the inability to switch off the rear LCD because I can no longer select AF-S mode and no ability to use flash either, I'm left with an expensive camera that can be used in far fewer situations than before the repair.

I'm also contemplating asking for a new camera, because after hearing of your experience with the repair center in Mississauga, I no longer believe that what happened to my camera is just an unfortunate isolated incident.  Indeed, I would have to wonder if sending it in again won't create even more problems than I'm currently left with, and I'm running out of time with my warranty period.  Like you, I will try asking, but given my experiences so far with this repair center, I'm not confident that this issue will get resolved properly and in a timely manner.

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