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another picture

D600 after cleaning

after 10 shoots

so is it normal? A problem that does not exist?

please sign the petition:

We want to know what's the position of Nikon about

Okay first what F stop are these shot at? As far as weddings, I dont have too many weddings that take place in the blue sky

I had three spots and I actually got rid of all of them and even when I had them, they never showed and only one barely showed up in the light areas of an image. I cleaned mine using a blower and visible dust sensor loupe. This was after 1000+ shots. Really not an issue. As a wedding photographer I live at between f2.8- f11. In fact most of the time I am using an ND filter to bring my f stop down. These spots did not show up in an actual image for me and even if one did I would use the fun tools in CS6 to remove it. Not a big deal. As far as where nikon stands.....They will tell you NO ISSUE just like they told others that complained and again my d7000 gathers dust faster. This is nothing new folks.

Can I help you with something? What is this for?

This is for idiots who insist that "all cameras have dust issues and there is nothing special about D600".

Wow thank you for showing us a blog that has been posted on here before and has been in circulation and discussed already. You should work for the CIA. Maybe you can run into the oval office a week after a war is strated and yell..."sir we may be in a war soon". This article is nothing new. You think people dont already know about the fact that this camera "MAY" get dust at a faster rate? Well thanks for that. Do you have any other news you would like to share. Perhaps you can tell us Obama was re-elected. I love how people have no solutions yet want to post and name call. I wont step down to your childish level. I have already explained my position on this issue.

Some particularly thick morons continue to insist that "all cameras have dust issues and there is nothing special about D600". These morons need to be directed to the CLEAR and UNEQUIVOCAL evidence as long as they continue to insist on this nonsense.

CLEAR and UNEQUIVOCAL? Since you want to name call....Hey moron just cause they have an issue dont mean everyone else does. They even say they dont know for sure what the cause is. Not every nikon is exactly the same. And who knows who is renting them and doing what to them. I assume some level of morons like you may even rent a d600 just to start testing it for dust which means more exposure to the sensor. You are very smart arent you?

Normally one wouldn't have to explain such obvious things, but since it looks like I am talking to a complete retard here, I am going to make an exception this time: LensRentals bought 20(!) brand new D600 cameras, and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them had the problem, unlike the absolute majority of other cameras they have, of every imaginable brand and model.

No one says that every D600 has this problem. Some of them might very well have only normal dust buildup. But clearly a lot of them have sever dust and oil on the sensor problem after every few shots. Only a complete idiot would dispute this fact after seeing the evidence provided by LensRentals.

Its okay now that you got that out of your system. Are you ready to be a big boy? No No! we do not put our finger in our nose! That is it! You are on time out! Come back to the forum when you can talk to me like an adult.

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