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The MFT system is expanding, which is a good thing.  The upcoming GH3 is pushing the upper end of the size boundary.

The original  MFT cameras were small with small/slow lenses.  These cameras operate more like p&s cameras with many direct control buttons/dials.  Cameras can be made smaller without the direct control buttons and dials.

My E-M5 is basically the same size as my wife's E-PL2.  It might even be a little smaller since an EVF lives on my wife's E-PL2.  There are smaller MFT cameras that are being released like the new E-PM?.  So the small size option is there.

I am looking forward to seeing how the GH-3 peforms in the hands of actual users.  There are many things I like about the GH-3 when looking at the specs.  I like the slightly larger size since it gives one several direct controls and mostly likely better handling.  I really want a second MFT camera and the GH-3 will give me things that the smaller  E-M5 don't.  Still by the time I can afford a second camera body Olympus should have one or two new cameras out.

Anyhow, a expanded range of cameras is a good thing.


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