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Re: Pro DX is Dead

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

rosiesphoto wrote:

Fellow Nikonians have you not yet gotten the message, there shall be no more Pro DX.

We have been waiting 3 three years since the announcement of the D300S, Nikon Corp. has deserted us.

In my opinion they realized that the D300S was a mistake. Top of the line too soon.

They went back to an entry level and started expanding from that point.

Nikon message: If you want a Pro camera buy FX.

This is not intended to offend anyone, just disgusted and blowing off steam waiting for a D300/300s replacement. D5200 won't do.

D300 was never a mistake..., it was a wise "connection" of the past with the future that has no reason to exist anymore... you are right on the rest and the ...prediction! (that D300 will never be replaced).


Maybe Nikon is developing a High End Mirror-Less version as a D300/s replacement. Including all the bells and whistles like Fullly Articulated OLED screen, High Quality Oled EVF,  P-DAF and C-DAF, Professional Video features...etc.

They had time enough to develop it and this would instantly differentiate it self from the D7000. Pricing could be around the 1800-2000 $ mark.

Only problem I see is a distinct lack of High Quality lenses (Could have been designed at the same time)

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