Dreaded RX100 sensor dust

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Re: Dreaded RX100 sensor dust - avoid blowers

Just received mine back today from Laredo repair facility. I too had the grayish blob in the mid/lower left of images. I did NOT notice it there when I first purchased the camera, which is a Japanese produced model. Now it may have in fact been there from the get go, but the good news is - it is now gone! I had my worries about sending it off after reading stories both good and bad about Laredo.

I'm happy to report that all is well. No more spots/specks. I was disappointed that the enclosed receipt did not detail what was done. I also found it odd they placed the camera in a plastic bag alongside my case and battery. Seemed like a poor way to ship, but it arrived with my screen protector intact, and with no dings, dents, scuffs or marks of any kind.

There was a nice note from the manager of the service facility as well.

I'm very happy to have my little buddy back and working properly. Hopefully this won't happen again, and all of my future pics will be dust free!

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