D800E 5bracket HDR vs None HDR Intirior Photography TEST

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Re: HDR still needed with modern high dynamic range sensors?

Matsu wrote:

I'm not really a fan of HDR processing though understand that it could be useful for certain applications, like these interior shots. However, for most uses I prefer the look of a nicely tone mapped image. Keeping in mind that my own bias has kept me from really attempting too much HDR processing, I have been wondering for a while as to how necessary a mutli-shot bracket really is when you can get 13+ stops from the base ISO of a modern full-frame sensor?


HDR has it place, in some very difficult situations, it can really help. I am slowly leaning to take one good well exposed image (Manual Mode with zoning & Strobes). With the new Modern Sensors there is so much room to play with DR. After owning my new Camera for several months now , I find that I can do a lot with one single raw file that I was not able to do before. The reason I want to get away with HDR is that 5 brackets raw files converted to 5 jpge and merged into 1 HDR takes up a lot of time and room. The bigest problem with HDR for interior photos is the color is always off even if you color balance the shot or grey card it, it has a yellowish cast to it.. So I agree with your comments.. thank you.

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