Better lens and post capture processing

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Re: Better lens and post capture processing

Doug Pardee wrote:

Without knowing what your interests and goals are, it's pretty hard to advise. In general, spending money is best left for when there's something you really ​need.​ Unless, of course, the amount is trivial and you just want a new toy.

I use the camera for everything, vaction photos, family and outdoors. I particulary like outdoor shots, landscape photos and waterfalls. I love going outside for a few hours with my dog and take some shots.

If you're going to do post-processing, you really must have (and use) a calibrator for your screen. If you don't have one, get one. The only reasonable alternative is to shoot straight-from-the-camera JPEGs and have them printed with no processing. Post-processing on an uncalibrated screen is almost certain to lead to pictures you aren't happy with.

Other than that, what is it that you're not satisfied with about your photography? What kind of subjects are you drawn to? Do you prefer working with the camera, working with the computer, or both? Do you print your photos — and if so, how large — or do you they only get viewed on computer screens? Do you have some kind of goal, or are you just enjoying a hobby?

More than anything its an enjoyment of a "new" hobby. My old job didn't afford me the opportunity to have much free time, with my new job I have much more time to go out and shoot. I have never really had the opportunity to do a lot of work with the computer due to being limited by old hardware. I'm hoping the new 27" iMac fixes that. Printing photos for around the house happens now, I also share with family occasionally and may enter a few photos in some local photo shows.

And (not having seen any of your work) are you being limited by equipment or software, or by personal vision or skill? Me, I'm limited by opportunity — I'm a travel/vacation photographer, but due to the economy I'm no longer able to take the trips that provide material for my photography. Some would say I'm limited by vision, too, and I wouldn't dispute that. But the point is, buying stuff isn't going to improve my pictures. The best thing that money could do for ​my ​photography would be to pay for a vacation trip somewhere interesting.

The LightZombie Project: volunteers providing support for LightZone.

I feel limited by hardware and software. Hardware because I have used higher end equipment that friends own and I'm a little jealous ;), I do realize however that it is the photographer not the camera they use that makes great photos. I really appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, colors, trees, flowers, water. I want something that makes my photos "pop". That's where I'm wondering if its me not doing something correctly or being limited by body/lens combo. Not saying I don't get great shots I just want more consistency. Software limitations once again because of the computer. I have plenty of opportunity with vision and skill. I'm learning more and more but I'm teaching myself through shooting and reading photography books and this website.

I really do enjoy the hobby but I'm interested in being the best I can be.

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