i'm considering buying a Panasonic G3 or an Oly PL5 - any thoughts or recommendations?

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Re: Cameras that go back in time

Chris Noble wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

Chris Noble wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

The G3's sensor is different and newer technology than that of the G5

I can't wait for the G7 -- will it be a film camera?

What's your point?

Afraid to face the truth?

Please leave your silly comments at the door.


There has been a lot of speculation about the G5 sensor, some of it very specific, and most of it by people who have no information. Forgive me if I offended you. I thought you were making a joke.

All we know for sure from Panasonic is that the G5 sensor like the GH3 sensor are "derived from the GH2" and that all three have on-board A/D converters. We also know that the G3 sensor is all-analog like the G1 and G2. According to Panasonic, putting the A/D conversion on the sensor reduces noise. The G5 and GH3 also share the same signal-processing engine.

OK, you are forgiven.

Yes, there is a lot that we do not know about the G5 or the GH3. Sample photos and a couple of reviews suggest that, like the GH2, the G5 is not quite as detailed at high ISO compared to the G3. This becomes important when using lenses like the 100-300 to keep the shutter speed up. The G5, GH2 and GH3 do seem to have a better DR and the GH2/3 are better at low ISO. G5, debatable.

The G3's sensor is an oddball as no other camera uses it. Why? don't know.

I have the G3 and, if I were starting over, I would probably go for the G5 - It does have some nice features, most of which were requested for the G3 as firmware updates. The electronic shutter for hi-res photos for example.

The point I was making is that there are other, perhaps more important, things to consider rather than differences in sensor performance. It is these differences that the OP needs to consider rather than being caught up in "who has the better sensor".

My other m4/3 camera is the EPM1 and I don't think that anyone will argue that its sensor is now outdated. It still takes great photos though. So, it is not all about the sensor.


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