60D does bird bathing

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Re: 60D does bird bathing

Yeah, thanks for posting those shots. I learned something from them as I said before I had taken almost the exact type of shots. But mine were not as sharp, and you have some where the bird is shaking his head back and forth in the water and my shots of that came out blurred but yours are clear. I looked at your settings and realized I had my shutter speed way too low.

I guess that has been my problem with many of my motions shots. I didn't know I had to have the shutter speed that fast in order to freeze action.

Were you using auto iso or did you just know that you had to be at 800 iso for a shutter speed that fast? I'm using the 7D and love it. I have instances where I'll shoot a cyclist and the face and body and most of the bike are in clear focus but the feet and pedals are a little bit blurred. I was thinking that shutter speed was the problem since I had mine set at about 250. Guess I need to up it.

Anyway, thanks for the lesson.

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