How to get that movie look of Cyan and Green? examples inside

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Re: How to get that movie look of Cyan and Green? examples inside

Gary_Scotland wrote:

aboodz wrote:


I've watched Rihanna's Diamonds video and Lana Del Rey's Ride video and there were scenes where they used this greenish/cyan color that I just don't know how to get in Photoshop, how to get these colors and what color scheme should I go with while photographing to make it look real rather than overprocessed.



There are quite a few ways that I know of achieving it. You could certainly change the white balance in the camera (best if it allows you to change the colour temperature, rather than just settings like 'cloudy', 'sunny', etc). It gets a bit complicated if you add artificial lighting though, as you are likely to need to use some gels over the light sources that correspond to the colour temperature you are using.

I find the easiest way to achieve it is when processing the image. These sample don't have a strong adjustment, but gives an idea of a colour shift.

The way I achieve it is just to change the curves of each colour channel, and adjust the contrast as required. This gives a more accurate result than just a 'hue' shift.




Thanks, I will try it too

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