is NEX 5/7 series equivalent Fuji X100 - both have APSC sensors

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Re: is NEX 5/7 series equivalent Fuji X100 - both have APSC sensors

Sorry this is long, but I hope it answers a few of your questions. I had the 5n and the I have the X100 (and X-Pro1). I say that only so you know I'm coming from an owner/user of both systems.

The 5n may have a slight edge over the X100 is high(ish) ISO. Up to 1600, I still like the X100 better, but after that, the 5n wins. Not the same with the X-Pro1 though...that flat out kicks either Sony's a**. I have absolutely no scientific proof of that, but to my eyes, the difference is clear.  BTW...the 5n edges the 7 in the ISO department.

AF..Sony, but not by as much as has been reported. They're both slower than DSLRs (but also more accurate), but I've never really been displeased with either (Fuji or Sony). Firmware updates to both Fujis have improved things quite a bit. Fuji is a bit more sluggish in low light, and generally quirkier overall, but the results make up for it all.

IQ...Fuji - hands down (for me). There's nothing wrong with the IQ coming from the's just a little flat and sterile (again, for me). SOOC JPEGs from the Fuji are FAR superior to those from the Sony.

The X100 is 12mp. The 5n is 16mp. The 7 is 24mp. That said, megapixels are nice, but certainly don't make anyone a better photographer - or guarantee better photographs. That is not to suggest the Sony isn't capable of making stunning images, because it certainly is. Superior glass helps the Sony a ton and great legacy glass (e.g. Leica) transforms the camera.

Design...Fuji. The direct control dials are awesome. The control scheme of the 5n kinda blows (even after getting used to it). The 7 is MUCH better, and once you get it dialed-in where you want it, it's really a joy to use. It's still not quite as good as the Fuji though. The X-Pro1 beats both Sony and the X100 in terms of control though (right now...I'm hoping for a FW update to the X100 to put it on par with the X-Pro).

If you are OK with a fixed 35mm (equivalent), then the X100 might be for you. BTW, the fixed lens on the X100 is phenomenal! If you ever want/need a zoom mechanism (other than your feet), or just want different focal lengths, then the Sony may be the way to go.

The X100 viewfinder is really cool. There isn't one built into the 5n and there's only an EVF on the 7 (but it is very good). The hybrid viewfinder on the X100 offers both optical and electronic options. The EVF isn't as good as the one on the 7, but it is good enough.

Size-wise, I like the X100. The 5n is a little too compact. The 7 is much better, and may even be easier to carry than the X100. Once you slap the Zeiss 24 on though (to get an equivalent focal length to the X100), any size advantage is completely negated.

LCD...Sony. It's a bit better in the resolution department (duh...they make HDTVs - they should be good at LCDs) and it's tiltable.

I am NOT bagging on Sony. There are times when I really miss having the 7. I don't miss the 5n at all. What it all comes down to (for me) is IQ (and everything that feeds into it), controls, and enjoyment.

Take a look at the XE-1 in addition to the X100. It may satisfy your needs without breaking the bank.

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