What is D300s successor and what is not

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Brandon birder wrote:


Add to that the common battery of the V1, D800 and D7000 allows the V1 to be part of a larger system. I use a D800 normally but always carry the V1 too. I regularly use it in the field for landscapes, high speed videoband as a teleconverter substitute if I want a large aperture. With a 70-300mm vr lens it makes the ideal holiday wildlife camera too.

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I have those three cameras as well and typically have the V1 stuffed in a pocket to complement them. That was what was so good about the common battery. The new battery on the V2 is a mistake

I saw one theory that new V2 battery was driven by heat buildup evident in V1 when you shoot longer video clips. Otherwise I can't think of a good reason for doing something so counterintuitive.

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Yes Steve, it's a shame they changed the V2 battery. I may skip an N1 generation and see what the V3 is like. I'm quite happy to with the V1 anyway.

I am happy I bought the V1. One major advantage of that camera is the ability of using the same battery as the D800/D600/D7000 and I think it was wrong of Nikon to change that. The charger and an extra battery is as large as the camera, so when traveling with two cameras the ability to share battery and charger is great. I don't think the Nikon decision was based on any heat issues since that would invalidate the use of the battery in other cameras as well.

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