No pro's shoot Sony? Frank Doorhof long time Canon & Hasselblad shooter just got himself the a99

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Re: No pro's shoot Sony? Frank Doorhof long time Canon & Hasselblad shooter just got himself the a99

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I'm a huge huge fan of Frank's work starting from his Kelby training series, and following his blog and online videos.

He might be just one pro we know of but how anyone can make stupid remarks like "No pro's shoot Sony" or the "a99 isn't a pro camera" is beyond me. Those were baseless comments to make in the first place that wouldn't hold a candle in a structured argument.

How about I make a sweeping generalization like "Pros are switching to the a99!"? It's about as baseless at the counter argument but paints a certain perspective doesn't it?

As for the a99 owners and Sony shooters I hope Frank's numerous reviews over the past few weeks have given some form of confidence in the sensors abilities.

First, nobody claims that there are no pros shooting Sony. It is just that there are not as many as those shooting with other systems. Secondly, what does Frank's liking or disliking of the a99 to deal with you? I know you like it because he has boughty Sony gear, so does that mean that if tomorrow if he says something negative about the camera, you will feel less? I think we put too much weight on what others think or do. If I Buy Sony today, would you really know what my motives are even if I tell you why? What is most important is whether you as an individual like it or not because you will be the one using it. If it sucks for you , it does not matter whether Frank likes it or not and vice versa.

Wow you totally missed the point of my post.

There are plenty of people saying no pros shoot Sony it doesn't take long combing any threads to find such comments.

Where in my post have I indicated that Frank's post has anything to do with me? I didn't so don't assert notions that aren't related to the topic. I already have the a99 so Frank's comments didn't affect my choices before, during or after the purchase.

I have seen plenty of statements similar if not word for word like the ones I posted, and this is my rebuttle to those baseless comments.

The point of my post is the call out those who I've SEEN make the comments like no pros shoot sony, or the a99 isn't a pro camera and I'd like to see them defend their sweeping generalizations now. At least this side of the arguement has some fact's to base the claims on.

No, I did not miss your point. There are some pros already here in this forum that are shooting Sony. Singling out Frank is just asserting the very same thing that you are trying to rebutt. Why not just point out to forum members here that are making money using Sony gear? Unknowingly, you are vindicating the very same things that you have set yourself to rebutt. As Nord says, pro photography is not about gear, it is about what you do with the gear. There are people shooting their cats with Leica S2 while someone is shooting weddings with Sony a900 and a99. Of these two, who is a pro?

I'm sorry you're reading it that way but that's not my intent, and I'm actually confused how you're reading it like that. Perhaps you'll do anything to steer the conversation away from the fact you did miss my point and are now trying to downplay that.

Believe me I understand you perfectly and your argument on generalised statements. However, my argument is that by making your arguments centered on Frank, it has become itself  an antithesis of the popular generalised statements out there. All I am saying is that I dont see how Frank addresses your man argument.

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