Continuous lights change after they've been on awhile?!?!

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Re: Continuous lights change after they've been on awhile?!?!

TotalNeophyte wrote:

I guess I should've considered this a possibility, but I never thought of it. I just changed the order of my filming session (I put the video first on the docket and photography last, whereas I usually do video last) and the videos look completely different. The shoot takes a couple hours so it's the difference between lights when they are on for a couple hours and when they have just been turned on.

In the latter, the subject's skin tone looks normal - where it looks far "yellower" and more unnatural when the lights have been on awhile.

Is anyone aware of this phenomenon? What do?

You have not told us what kind of lights you are using...[??]


Tungsten Halogen is pretty stable, after the first three or four minutes of warm-up...

.... although ordinary (non-halogen) incandescent lamps will grow more yellow (lower CT) as they age and as the inside of the envelope blackens from irradiated tungsten metal from the filament.... something that doesn't happen with halogen lamps.

Fluorescent lights, especially compact types, do change quite a lot in the first 15 minutes of running. Colour temperature rises across that time, also, light output.

Your camera is capable of correcting for these colour variations, but only if you repeatedly perform CustomWB as the lights change. Better to switch them on and wait for them to settle, before Custom White Balancing just once.

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