D5200 - another Jurassic Park dino from Nikon

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0.78x is pretty pathetic even my old Km5d from 2005 had a 0.83x VF, some of the budget Pentax models had not bad penta mirror viewfinders too. The K-30 has a pretty decent penta prism VF that is much larger and 100% yet costs significantly less than the D5200

The rear screen being on is an issue shared with Pentax too only the half press of the shutter turns it off. I believe it was Minolta who brought the eye sensor in with the Dynax 7 35mm semi pro film body in 2000..and it works esp well for DSLR's that don't have a top panel LCD

I suppose it's Nikon's flawed thinking from years past in action again. They'll port down the (questionable but nice sounding) 39 point AF system from the D7k..beef up the fps a bit, but completely ignore the calls for a better viewfinder, proper hard controls for ISO and WB, proper support for wireless flash/Auto FP, a lock switch so that you don't change AF points by accident again all on deaf ears.

But they will sell a ton of them because 24mp sounds great and it will get great reviews 

The best makers take the best ideas from everyone else and combine them into their own products, stuff like a decent VF, and eye level sensors are fairly basic things.

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