FZ200 Tips and Tricks

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FZ200 Tips and Tricks

Thought I'd start a FZ200 thread (since they are so scarce here, lol

I wanted to clarify a few things I've been reading, as well as have others chime in on their tips using the FZ200.

Might be helpful to others as well.

First let me say I've been shooting with these FZ's since May 2004, with the classic FZ10.

I've enjoyed many models since , including :


Wow, so the FZ200 makes it the 11th FZ.

Can you tell I really like this type of  camera 

OK...now the good stuff.

I been reading about those who recommend using the focal length rule (fro 35mm SLR days and before )

That is, shoot at the minimum shutter speed for focal length used.

Example:  Shooting at 600mm with FZ200, you might want to use at least 1/600 th shuter speed.

True, for many camera's...BUT...not really necesarry for such FZ's with good O.I.S.

Here's a few examples:

Fastest shutter speed from above:

1/125th shutter.

Now, for moving subjects the faster, the better, but one can shoot detailed images without tripod, and without raising iso to get faster shutter speeds. No real need to use minimum of 1/600th shutter @ 600mm.

In fact, one of the above is shot with less than 1/60th shutter speed !

So clearly with proper holding technics and the FZ200, one can break the rules

OK....now how about some other tips.

Use zoom lever around shutter button to change menu pages, rather than scrolling down each line, to get to next page.

To quickly change Auto Focus box to make smaller (or bigger) just press focus button on lens barrel, next to AF type.(thanks Rudy)

Make use of the Custom settings, which store just about everything. You can use them to quickly change settings.

For example I have Custom 1 set to Dynamic B&W.

You can set one to use Extra Optical Zoom, by lowering resolution...so extra zoom reach is only a mode dial setting away!

There are four settings. One is dedicated to C1.....three more are dedicated to C2.

To set these go to menu, then third icon on left (wrench), then second page.

There u will see 'Cust.Set Mem.'

After making adjustments, go here and you can set any of the 4  memory settings,and save them.

FZ200 will remember them.

OK.....that's all for now.

Time for others to join in with there good tips.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
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