Thoughts from those using both m43 and Full Frame DSLRs - that certain something?

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Re: Thoughts from those using both m43 and Full Frame DSLRs - that certain something?

hi robonrome,

so much has been said in this very popular thread on an argument that involves a high percentage of M4/3 users, that I may be repeating something that has been said already.

There are two important factors for shooting stills (for me) of a camera + lens combination, beyond technical virtues:

- the disposition in which the equipment puts me, a mix of ergonomics, of confidence, of versatility, of positive experiences in similar situations.

- the useful active time span that the eqiment offers me in a particular situation for a potentially good capture

1Ds3 + L glass (EF35/1.4, 135/2, 200/2, Zeiss 2.8/21) gave me that disposition, the solid weight with all the knobs and wheels in the right places as if part of my hands, the clearness of the optical viewfinder, the perception of space-light-DOF that previous photos built up in my experience, told me intuitively what to capture, how to use my feet and knees, when to shoot.

AIServo with an intelligent dynamic AF system, continuous multiple exposures at a sufficient rate (>5fr/sec), pretty good on 1Ds3 already but better on 7D and now great on 1D4 and 5D3, extend the useful active time span and allow to choose the best one from a sequence.  Good continuous view of a scene during a sequential capture allows to monitor the dynamic situation, and by dynamic I don't mean only the erratic movement of an animal, but also that of an eyebrow in a portrait.

The latter is not completely overlooked but in dire need of improvement , in M4/3 equipment.  And an EVF is an EVF no matter how quickly it refreshes, there's always a bit of guessing going on in the photographer's mind.

The former is what it is, the unnatural size relation of camera to hands can only be partly overcome by practice and discipline even if customisation of M4/3 bodies has reached a level of sufficiency.

So I know why I took less but better pics with my heavy bag, it was what the heavy bag allowed and suggested (invited) me to do.  Not just the specs.

Up to a few months ago IQ and potential resistance of RAWs to heavy PP was not up to my minimum std with any M4/3 body + lens combo, but since the entrance of the E-M5 and more recent glass these two points have been fullfilled and most of the rest will come (excluding extreme low DOF of course).

My lifestyle and physical condition and my use of spare time (I am a retired guy who has been forced by events to go back to work!) conjured against the use of the heavy bag, so as soon as I read enough of the E-M5 I got one and started putting the contents of the heavy bag on eBay.

For you it may be different, hang on to the 5D3 and L glass for as long as you can, they will provide you with the right disposition and useful active time spans necessary to take the best captures you are capable of.

If you have 1800Eu of body and 4000Eu of glass at residual commercial value, the body will lose about 800Eu in 2 years but the glass may not even loose 600Eu, so it may be worth loosing 1400Eu to keep the option open.   And if you convert your heavy bag in cash be sure that sooner or later some of the proceeds will become another M4/3 body and another (expensive) lens anyway...

Regards,  Vittorio

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