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Re: I'm a little lost

Also what kind of night shots are we talking here? Like night shots out with friends or going out and shooting cityscapes or something. If it is the friends one are you really going to be more likely to take out and lug around a big dslr? The 5n and upcoming 35 1.8 might be the best low light night combo, other than perhaps the 24 Zeiss, that there is. The 35 might still be better because of the OSS but the 24 is wider so won't need it as much. Also the 35 will actually be a bit smaller I believe, on par with the Sigma 30. The 5n and Sig 30 weigh about as much as 2 cell phones these days and are just an unreal combo at night. Oh well, good luck in your transition. But maybe you should have made the post before you sold all your gear. Or just get the 5n and keep all that extra money you probably made and put it towards a better lens!

Also do check out that 365+1 thread. The guy is using the 7 and a Voigtlander color-skopar 35mm f2.5. He has dozens of shots at night and they are really spectacular. Granted he is a sick photographer but his stuff is still awesome and shows exactly what your 7 could have been doing.

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