Owl in Flight at iso3200, 100-300

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Re: Owl in Flight at iso3200, 100-300

Adventsam wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

Very nice. I like 3 and 4 best, with 4 being my favourite. Not keen on the brick wall, but the owl looks great and very well captured.

I find the 100-300 an excellent performer, much better than the 45-200 I used before it.


I know, brick wall is xxxx, but it has encouraged me to go to a proper place where they fly them in a real surrounding, its an expensive day but I am going to do one next year when the lights better, somehwere like this http://www.honeybank.co.uk/falconry-school/photo-days

I wasnt sure the OM-D could really do this, but it can. The funny thing was is there were 2 people with Nikon cams and they were struggling to get anything decent and kept looking at me and my little m43:-)

And obviously the Canon guys stood there scratching their heads without even trying to make any pictures.

Nice pictures, I really love the 4-th one! Great separation from this tricky background too. Thanks !

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