Two new wide angle lenses and the D800 is a new camera

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Re: Two new wide angle lenses and the D800 is a new camera

orchidblooms wrote:

how do you think this affordable Samyang 14mm F2.8 will stack up to the zeiss 15 2.8?

i ordered one in march... not here yet - had a zeiss usa loaner for 5 weeks - loved it... but at this point am wondering if it will show up... i could add the 21 + 14 for less than the 15...

as to nd's... with mu d800e i have not need to use any gnd's used a 3 stop once and big stopper a few times...

not sure how much an issue the nd's are for... d800 owners...

That's a tough one. I have read the comparative review posted elsewhere in this thread and I have to say that the Samyang he used seems less good than mine. Sample variation has been the bane of my life with Nikkors but my copy of the Sammy rocks! I know one extremely experienced and knowledgeable landscape photographer who has shelved his Zeiss plan after trying the Sammy, because it is waaay better than just 'good enough'. Of course the Zeiss has less distortion but even my corrected shots are looking very very good. You will most likely get, in addition to the lower distortions, a slightly sharper corner to the Zeiss but as I will show when I review the Sammy in depth, it is plenty, plenty sharp enough to the corners as long as you know how to focus it. That is a very specific technique that takes into account its field curvature. I already have shots focussed one way where the two of the corners are soft as sh!te and the other two are cut-yourself-sharp, just because of a different approach to focus. These fast-ish ultrawides are nearly all very sensitive to the 'shape of the subject' and one must focus accordingly...

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