Should I buy a Fuji X -- E 1 camera in Hongkong or Bangkok ??

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Re: Should I buy a Fuji X -- E 1 camera in Hongkong or Bangkok ??

evoprox wrote:

bigpigbig wrote:

evoprox wrote:

I used to live in Bangkok for a while and wouldn't buy a camera or any upscale electronics there again. I once asked a shopkeeper in the Panthip Plaza about international warranty and he replied that he could 'print me one'. 'Return policy' ? Unheard of in most of the stores I visited. Malaysia (KL, Georgetown) has been a different story altogether.

Do you realize that Panthip Plaza is full of grey market and counterfeit goods ?

I wouldn't buy ANYTHING at Panthip without realizing it could be less than perfect.

But to say you wouldn't buy any camera or upscale electronics in Bangkok is...well...

There are some VERY reputable camera shops and computer shops in Bangkok (as most SEA countries) but Panthip Plaza is not one of them.

Well, let's say I kept the story short, maybe too short for some, but in the end that wouldn't change anything ... I personally wouldn't buy a camera in Bangkok again and this "is ... well ... " based on a number of experiences I had over some years, not only at Panthip, read my 2ct, YMMV. I didn't say "don't buy a camera or whatever in BKK".

I didn't mean to come off as confrontational. Just another opinion. I have had no such problems buying in Bangkok at Fotofile, AVCamera, Camera World and Camera Collection. Product, support and service have been excellent. Compared to the ten years I lived in the UK, it has been a real pleasure.

Sorry you didn't have the same experiences.

All that said, the prices here are typically 10-15% more than HK or US as the import costs are passed on 100% to the customer.

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