Birds and BIF's NEX-7 500mm from this week

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Re: Birds and BIF's NEX-7 500mm from this week

nzmacro wrote:

Keep at it and don't stop You will nail it and just give it time to find out what works. You do need that sunshine to get those shutter speeds up and have a low-ish ISO. You will get it and you will love it when you do, so don't stop please

I'm not giving up, just being a whining Brit. You will be having the same pain in 6 months time no doubt. Just looked up a graph on sunlight intensity (taking into account day cloud cover etc) and in summer we receive around 20 to30 MJ energy per square meter per day, in winter it is around 2 to 3. We are talking about 10 times the average light levels in the summer - the difference between 1/1000 and 1/100 sec. I look forward to sensors with noiseless images at 1,000,000 ISO.

The real problem is the best months for seeing migrating birds here are also the darkest. Looks like you have some pretty interesting stuff all year round?

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