Nex 7 Kit lense blurry side at 18mm...

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Re: Nex 7 Kit lense blurry side at 18mm...

A simple way to evaluate large areas of blur is to take a picture, then turn the camera 180 degrees, so that it's upside down but still facing the same scene and then take another picture.

You then have the "same picture" taken twice, once with the right hand side blurry and once with the left hand side blurry.

Set the focus manually. Take care with depth of field and lens shake.

If you bought it from a shop, produce prints of the two pix and show them to the retailer as evidence of the fault.

This is a simple procedure that anyone in a shop can understand. I did precisely this years ago when I had a fixed lens camera with the same kind of problem and walked out of the shop with a replacement.

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