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Street photography ethics

I just tried to Google "street photography ethics" and got more than 2 million hits. So surely somebody else at least has had the thought, that ethics could have some relevance to street photography. A few of the first links were actual street photographers' blogs, discussing the ethics of their own pursuit.

I distinguish between law and ethics here. The law tells us what we can and cannot do without getting in trouble with law enforcement. Ethics are the standards we follow to get along with our fellow citizens and live with our consciense. The most commonly know version is "do not do unto others, what you do not want others to do unto you", also called "the ethic of reciprocity". In this interpretation, there are no set rules; you have to dig into your own consciense to know what you feel is right.

This of course will yield different results. On that basis, it is no wonder to me, that I may find some activity unethical, while others do not. What I can not understand though, is how this can be perceived as an attack on the OP's honour, a "judgement" on his ethics, or how it makes me an extremist.

I do not see myself as a puritan, but if that is how you need to label it, so be it. Calling me "extremist" is, in my interpretation of the word, ridiculous more than an insult, and it says more about apaflo than it says about me.

If any of you should want to explore the subject of ethics and street photography, I urge you to Google it like I did. I saw some very eloquent and well deliberated opinions on the subject, and with that, I rest my case.

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