Just how good is the 20/1.7?

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OMaster Dee
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They are both great and different enough to keep them both

The 25mm

+ Really good smooth IQ at f1.4, i practically use it wide open only

+ Great as a walk around lens for taking photos of "street details"

+ Gave me tons of great upper body portait shots (especially if you are inside or sit close to someone, the 45mm Olympus is great, too, but for my uses i have to step back too far in most cases)

- Bulky (hey, it's even a little bigger than the 45mm Olympus)...

+ ... but still looks great on my GX1 and on my black E-P3

- Sometimes rattling noises on the E-P3 but swtiching the cam off before mounting the 25mm helps

- The rubber ring is a dust magnet and hard to clean

-> Highly recommended if you can/want to afford it

The 20mm

+ Small and light and, for what it can do, very cheap

+ Feels like a very sharp wide angle lens, similar in feel to a X100 (so not really comparable in field of view to the 25mm)

+ Sharp at f1.7, very sharp already at f2

+ Very unobstrusive package on a GX1 or GF3/5

- Don't like the looks on the E-P3 (but the GX1 is where it should be anyway)

-> Highly recommend, too, as a poor man's X100 walkaround lens with the option for blurred backgrounds if you get close enough to the object

I will keep them both!

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