How to get rid of 'paper tear' in CS6 panoramic creation?

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Re: How to get rid of 'paper tear' in CS6 panoramic creation?

davidevans1 wrote:

My Photoshop skill are basic at the moment and I'm not sure how I do the first part of your suggestion of creating a new file '...with pixel dimensions larger than your final stitched image'. If I can't work this out I'll be back asking how!

I just googled stitching in CS6 and see that what I posted is obsolete since CS6 will stitch photos together automatically.  (I only have Photoshop 7)

But to clarify creating a new file for folks who might still be working in the dark ages with Photoshop 7 like me:

With one image displayed, do a IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE.  Say the image is in the 3:2 format and the pixel resolution is 4000 x 2664.  You have 3 images to stitch together.  3x4000=12000 pixels. So the minimum size would be 12000 x 2664 pixels.  Click FILE > NEW and set the width to 12600 pixels and the height to 3000 pixels.  The new file (image) will have a resolution of 12600 x 3000 pixels.

Now you can open image-1, press ctrl+A to select all of the image, press ctrl+C to copy the image.  Open the new image and press ctrl+V to paste image-1.  Move image-1 to the left side.

Repeat for images 2 and 3.  You will end up with the 3 images roughly positioned with blank spaces around the 3 images.

I shouldn't have posted in this thread with obsolete info,

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