Phase Detection (View Finder focus) vs. Contrast Detection (Live View focus) in Nikon D800.

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olyflyer wrote:

Marc Heijligers wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

That's all there is to it. Same for every other brand, but for some reason, here it became a hysteria because of all the sloppy tests and testers.

Most of the hysteria is caused by strong reactions with no technical backup. The tests shown are simple, repeatable, and are confirmed by Nikon to be sufficient to show focus issues.

Most of the tests I have see were poorly engineered, not properly done and would most probably not been accepted by Nikon at all, which is why Nikon service keeps returning "unserviced" cameras to some people or some people keep on exchanging cameras and getting the same problems over and over. The hysteria is created by these people with their poorly convincing tests and tiring, repeated errors instead of following the advice given by Nikon on how to test.

Most of the cameras that have been returned unserviced, is because the repair procedure offered by Nikon to the Service Centres has limitations, and requires handwork and craftsmanship to execute properly.

Most tests published so-far perfectly fall within the constraints that Nikon has published. There is no reason to doubt that the majority of the tests shown here, showing assymetric focus behavior AND significant difference between liveview and mirrorview, are affected by AF calibration errors.

All reactions denying those simple repeatable results (up to the level where the test procedure of Nikon themselves was even bashed), are the only reason for causing the hysteria so far.

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