What display monitor would you buy today to pair with '12 Mac Mini?

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Re: What display monitor would you buy today to pair with '12 Mac Mini?

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I use the Dell Ultra-sharps and they work really well. I love the Apple displays but I can't justify the price difference.

They use the same LG panels.

Just remember that the same panel doesn't mean the same image. The hardware driving the panel, how the OEM configures the panel at the factory, and the profile supplied by the OEM can make one display look radically different from another even though they use the same panel. This helps explain why Apple's panels are not much different from others, but people often say how images look better on them.

That said, the Ultrasharps are supposed to be a great value.

Well aware of that and that is why you should always hardware calibrate a screen. Even Apple screens are wrong out of the box especially on the colours. Also just because an image looks better does not mean it is accurate. Ultrasharps are very good value and once calibrated give very good results and have much more adjustments to their stands than the Apple screens. Plus they have a 3 year onsite guarantee. Also you get away from the gloss finish  which means you get much more accurate results when you do image sharpening in Photoshop for print output. It's one of the reasons why no professional screens have a gloss finish.

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