D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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Darren Langdon
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rinsephotographic wrote:

mbecke wrote:

Absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong. When many of the well known photography experts point out the difficulty of obtaining sharp handheld photos with the D800/E, the myth becomes your comment above. There will be no retraction from me on this issue. In any event, I would recommend that the OP attempt to use a D800/E handheld and see what type of results he/she obtains. It is that simple. This is indeed a portrait/landscape camera that should definitely be used on a tripod for good results.

my god when will this myth die? this is what happens with 35mm photographers get in over their heads. i've been shooting with digital cameras that have a lot more than 36mp of resolution for years and, guess what, not a single problem doing so handheld. same goes for the d800e. mr. motts is entirely correct...print size is the determining factor, as it always has been. substandard technique, mirror slap, tripod vibrations, etc. have always produced blurring at the limits of ANY given camera's resolution. a d800/e will produced sharper results than my d700 in any similar situation using similar shutter speeds. always.

there has never been an issue more overstated by pixel peepiing non-photographers...as if 36mp is some sort of new thing...

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I couldn't agree more!

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