Just how good is the 20/1.7?

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Re: Just how good is the 20/1.7?

Pasmia wrote:

berni29 wrote:


I use the 20mm with my EM5 because the combination can come with me anywhere. any bigger and I would probably leave it at home at least some of the time. Plus the 20mm is a good lens and compromise focal length.

Thats the bottom line for me. I want the camera to be with me.

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This is exactly my thinking... Even though I haven't shot with the 20/1.7 I'm fairly certain I can get used to it's slightly slower AF with the benefit of such a small thumbprint. But I think as the other poster mentioned, I'm underestimating the differences in the focal lengths and I just might benefit from being patient and buying the 20mm to compliment my PL25.

Also, the PL25 really does make for great portrait lens for my kids! Slight distortion is negligible on kids... I even use the 14mm in weird angles to get some 'fun' looking shots.

Ideally, I wanted to go with purchasing the 17mm to compliment my PL25, but if the rumored price holds true, the 20mm has had a recent price drop and is looking great if even to simply try it out for a while.

Your concerns in original post were exactly right.
20mm has slower AF and it would be more difficult to keep up with children in low light.
20mm would distort people when 25mm wouldn't at the same framing. Would have to move back with 20mm to avoid distortion.

On the other hand, 25mm won't give that widish look that 20mm can. And sometimes 25mm is simply too long or too big. 40mm EFL is a good focal length because it's just a bit wider than human's FOV and you generally can fit everything what you see in the frame. But, distortion can be unpleasant if subject is close or at the edge of the frame.

Tough choice, I know. If you get 20mm you may end up having both. I did, but I started with 20mm. Now I'm selling some gear to justify new upgrade but I can't give up any of these two.

25mm is 50% pricier than 20mm, but I use it 50% more and IMO 25mm is 50% better lens. It may look like a perfectly fair pricing, but the value of the lenses can't be compared by numbers because these are very different lenses.
Good luck.

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