Just ordered Minolta 35-105 f/3.5-4.5...

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Claes Regular Member • Posts: 237
Re: Just ordered Minolta 35-105 f/3.5-4.5...

I have had this lens for over 15 years, used both on maxum 9000 and 850 these days.

It is not super sharp, but reasonably sharp.

It renders pictures in a "pleasing" way, color wise, and that combined with it not being super sharp renders the whole picture really nice. I think it does gloriously in the early morning or late afternoon "golden light".

Now, noisy, yes, does not bother me.

But, the close focus limit is LUDICROUS, it really limits what you can use it for. Indoors for casual shooting of friends and family, just useless, for me at least. Sitting at a table, indoor or outdoors you can not take a picture of the person across from you. My sisters kids you have to surprise to get a shot of them, and no luck here.

If you do not need to shot closer than 2 meters, limit is 1.5, then it is good, but to me it is a deal breaker these days. I just don't bring it out anymore. It is a shame really.

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