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forpetessake wrote:

The problem with the samples is that 3MP images don't tell you much, almost any lens can produce 750lines/h pretty well.

I'll grant you that the duck pics aren't large enough to zoom in and see the finest details, I'd submit that the portrait and specifically the crop of the eyes are. The crop is tight enough that you see the full resolution of what remains of the photo, without the need for the entire file. Since the only parameter being discussed is sharpness I'd say this shot is a fair representation of how the lens performs. There are other factors to consider that are not represented, the ever popular bokeh and terms used on the full frame forums a lot, like micro contrast. There are a lot of full frame lens available that don't fare as well how this lens, and its little brother, the 12-35, look to be delivering.

Some of my favorite (FF) glass isn't considered to be the sharpest, the Nikon 135mm f/2.0, and the 105mm f/2.5 come to mind. Both of these have other characteristics that endear them to their users. I believe the 35-100 may possibly have other traits that add to its overall value. These things are usually subtle and give a lens that something that makes your photography a little better. I'm optimistic this lens is a step in that direction.

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