Question about DPR Galleries

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Re: Question about DPR Galleries

photogirl7 wrote:

When placing a photo in a DPR gallery, is the IQ affected in any way?

For example, some photo hosting sites will resize the image and add some sharpening.

I'd like to post images without any sharpening added - in camera or post, to give the viewer an idea of how sharp an image the camera/lens can produce. Of course if posting to the gallery affects the image sharpness, then it's not giving a true indication.

Here is a thread on which I have reported on conducting DPR display system testing (of the old system, the new system, and the new system with some changes more recently applied). I have concentrated on DPR Image Gallery images exclusively (as well as how they are displayed in posts).

From the general response when I created a similarly titled thread on this forum (which has not been added to like the above-linked thread), it may be more information than you want - but the information is there for the curious ...


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