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Re: G5 was just another G, OM-D brought a lot of new users...

Ditto for me ... I have read the Olympus, the Panasonic and the Micro 4/3s forums for years waiting for news about any EVIL cameras. I held off buying the GH1 and GH2 only because I wanted image stabilization for my old OM film lenses. I finally bought the E-M5 but while waiting I talked several of my friends into buying the GH and G series cameras from Panasonic. The last time I counted four were shooting with their Panasonics and eight of us are using the E-5M. They would all be shooting Nikon or Canon if I hadn't talked up the micro 4/3s systems. Even though I have an all Olympus kit I still read all the Panasonic postings and am interested in both systems.

ps, I think both Olympus and Panasonic owe me a big commission.


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