"Easiest" camera for kids and bokeh?

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Re: "Easiest" camera for kids and bokeh?

I am a noob too but I've learned a little hanging out in the NEX forum. Like others said you will need a camera with a fairly large sensor for shallow depth of field or DOF as folks call it.

I am getting the NEX-6 soon but that will run you a grand. However the NEX line start at $500-$600 starting with the NEX-F3. Any one of those will give you the ability to produce some nice photos with DOF. The main problem coming from the compact camera is the lens size because the standard lens kit on the NEX-F3 is still 18-55mm lens which is rather large comparing to the camera size. But you can get the NEX-5R and NEX-6 with the 16-50mm powerzoom which is pretty compact. Still not point and shoot size but will fit in a large coat pocket There is a good chance the NEX-F3 will be available with that lens down the road as well...those lenses are just coming out.

Another alternative if you want good pricing, excellent photo quality (NEX is great too) and fairly compact size with DOF capabilities would be the new Olympus cameras. Specifically you want either the Olympus PEN E-PM2 or Olympus PEN E-PL5. Out of the two the PEN E-PM2 is the smaller camera with less manual controls and really friendly for point and shoot with some cool touch screen capabilities but the E-PL5 will give you a more flexible LCD which flips up and down for easier waist level or overhead pictures but it's a $100 more. Both have a 14-42mm kit lens which is pretty compact but not as small as NEX 16-50 power zoom, yet all the photos I've seen of the camera should still be very easy to carry around. Those cameras have excellent sensors, so I would go for them rather then some of the older models mentioned here. Also NEX can produce a more shallow DOF because of the larger sensor, but the samples I've seen from Olympus cameras online still show some good DOF capability.

Do not be scared of interchangeable lenses. I for one plan to stick to the kit lens until my kids get old enough that I have to shoot some sports or stage stuff and then I might get a telephoto zoom. Until then the kit zoom will do just fine.

Good luck!

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