RX100 slip case - i know its been done to death, but none seem right for me.

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Re: RX100 slip case - i know its been done to death, but none seem right for me.

I think the Gariz case is the best looking one so far - as far as cases go:


and I like that the tripod mount is moved to under the lens, but if I had only one to buy, I would look for and buy a pouch like the one mentioned above which held the Sony flash. This is so I would retain the primary value of the camera - its pocketability - and still address what appears to be a potential Achilles heel - dust on the sensor.

I don't like Sony's own case for the RX100 so much - I don't think the proportions are artfully done, and I don't see why something this small and at that price should be artificial leather, but it appears to be a Sony practice to make money big time on accessories. In Sony electronics, for example, special cables were often used so you would have to buy Sony brand (at inflated prices). Even DC inputs for portable radios were polarity inverted compared to the global norm.

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